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I-Barc Beagle Fests:

[Winnie] As a regular event, I-Barcers from a common geographical area will get together and have an I-Barc Beagle Fest. Everyone on the list is asked to email the following information to Linda Forrest. From there, she will forward the information to volunteer area reps, who will set up dates, times, and locations and inform you of an I-Barc Beagle Fest in your area.

Linda's address is: Linda_Forrest@rohmhaas.com

Please either mail the following information to Linda, or fill out the form below and click on "Send it to Linda!" DO NOT! DO NOT!! DO NOT!!! mail this to the list.

Beagle(s) Name(s):
E-mail address:
Closest Metropolitan Area:
Number of Miles willing to travel:

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